Arm IK while simulating physics possible?

My character is simulating physics on all bones, but I want my character to be able to reach for stuff using IK.
My IK setup from code works flawlessly when NOT simulating physics, but as soon as I turn it on its aim is way off.
It feels like it’s caused by the Anim Graph not recognizing the offset transform after the physics pass.
Is there any known workaround for this?

EDIT: In case someone stumbles upon this issue. I solved it by instead using PhysicsHandles on each hand.

Care to share some details?
My IK works perfectly, except it points to where the target would be without simulation (target is a component attached to a simulated mesh). Not way off, just pre-physics.
For me Physics Handles can’t overcome Physical Animation completely, and the result is even less precise than IK.

Ik should be setup to pre-physics, and you should probably disable from the shoulder below while aiming down sights.

The whole point of physical animation for me is to:

  1. snag on the environment so that in 3rd person you get physically correct animations instead of clipping into walls.

  2. create hit reacts on the fly (using different profiles).

  3. alter the ragdoll states, so you can have different levels of rigidity (corpse rigor mortis).

If you are aiming down sights, there’s really no need to simulate physics. With the possible exception of snagging into the environment in 3rd person.
I just use a collider on the weapon to avoid that.
when it collides with something the ik offset is shifted, which essentially does what the physical animation component does but manually - because its dependent on the equipped weapon.

Also, mind you that 99.9% of AAA don’t give a ■■■■ about clipping at all…