[ARM] Getting an Unreal Demo to run for Linux ARM

I am currently trying to get some form of unreal 4 demo/project to run on an ARMv7 platform running Ubuntu OS. The platform itself uses OpenGL, not ES, so that at least should not be an issue. The method I’m going about this is currently to try and compile UE4 on target environment which involves:

generating the correct versions of dependencies such as mono, clang/llvm, etc.
modifying/hacking the build settings to switch from 64 bits to 32 bits, etc.
some compile settings needs to be removed (i.e. -mmmx, etc)
some compile settings added (-fsigned-char for ARM)
currently in the middle of recompiling the ThirdParty software modules for my target platform.

Is this method on the right track ? Another option I can think of would be to somehow enable the packaging option on UE4 Linux to generate executables that are runnable on ARM-Linux but I’m not very familiar at all with how this step works. Would it be simpler to try to do this instead ?

Does the final exported executable contain UE4 engine compiled for the target platform along with some project data ? If so would it be possible to tweak some of the export related code to export executable for linux-arm given that the game engine for the target plaform itself is provided/compiled separately ?

Thanks and sorry for the vague question

I was able to do this now. The SunTemple demo is running on nvidia’s Jetson TK1 platform. Hopefully it should also work on generic Linux ARM platforms. It would be more convenient IMO if this can be integrated into the UnrealBuildTool s.t. Linux ARM cross compilation can be officially supported. Any comments/objections ?

We do support it (and even provide ARM binaries of PhysX etc compiled for Raspberry Pi, i.e. armv6l). What integration do you have in mind? You can file a PR :slight_smile:

Could you please share the compiled demo? I would like to see if unreal is a viable way on my hardware but seems a long process the get it ready, so I’d like to test a built demo before wasting time, but I can’t find any