ARKtic Evolved - Private Youtube ARK Server - We need you!

Arktic Evolved is is a startup small but active private ark server in which those who want to stream or record videos can do so. We have a teamspeak that all can join and use and the best thing about it is that you don’t have to worry about people stealing your stuff. We are all close friends and are currently looking for people to join us to help expand that.

You do not have to even stream or record at all. If you are active and like playing with others then you will be welcomed just the same. We all love ark and would like to see you there.

Below is some of the information about our server.

Server Mods
5x XP
5x Harvest Rate
10x Taming Speed
10x Faster Night


  • No stealing
  • No pvp unless both parties agree to the little “war”
  • Be active, As long as you play regularly and being social with our community.
  • Be respectful
  • No Cheats / Exploits

13+ Years of Age
ARK Survival Evolved (Obviously)
A working microphone isn’t required but please be active to compensate.

About Me
My name is HiROs, I am a network engineer by trade as well as a gamer. ARK is one of my favorite games of all time and I have hosted a small private server for just close friends before. The server is hosted on a dedicated box located in the EU but for you american players out there (Me included) we used a CDN which makes the ping almost the same world wide. All of the servers I have run on linux since I am more familiar with it.
I am 19 years old and will be 20 in july 2016 and I am starting this project up to hopefully increase the fun to be had playing ark. If you have never played on a private ark server before you are missing out on a lot of the fun things other than pvp that ark offers.

How do I join?
Simple You can join two ways, since the server is private and has a password you will need to apply. Below is the format you will fill out and either reply to this forum thread or contact my skype account with the same form.

Microphone: (Yes/No)
Skype Name:
Experience in ARK: 1-10
How often do you plan to play:
Do you stream or record: (No is a perfect answer, it’s ok)

My Skype Name: HiROs (ARKtic Evolved)

I will aim to get you application done within 24 hours but most of the time it will be faster if you contact my skype with the application form. You can always ask any questions you may have to me directly.