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Your friendly Discord admins have decided to put together 2 sites to start collecting and documenting solid information found on these forums, and within the Discord Group. The forums and Discord group serve a very good purpose of being able to get help from others and asking questions. Having said that, this has also lead the forums to being clouted with more questions than answers, causing the search to become impractical. There is also no search functionality within Discord either.

And so, was born. This site will serve to better document ADK and the concepts within. The wiki will be more of a documentation style, where the blog will be mentions of new concepts/code snippets/source files/and other things of that nature.

The Wiki is open to all to read, we only ask you create an account to create and edit pages/content (no e-mail verification required). There will never be any donations accepted, or ads placed on these sites. This content is going to remain free forever.

We are collecting information from these forums and the Discord group, and will be crediting the original authors for their work. We will also post a link back to the original forum post for the information as well. If you find one of your posts converted into a blog post/wiki article, and wish to have it removed, please contact a Discord Admin. We are not here trying to offend anyone, just trying to compile information for the masses.

All we ask is that you stick to providing solid information, and try to keep the wiki organized! – Blog/Snippets/Tutorials/Source Files – Wiki/Documentation/Tutorials

These sites are a MAJOR work in progress! Be patient with us, and if there is good information that you have, feel free to add it to the wiki!

Got about 40 nodes documented so far, working on more!