[ARKit] trigger box

Hey all,

I’m new to unreal in general and I’m also trying out ARKit and looking for a bit of help. So far I’ve managed to import my own animations into the ARSample scene and have them play out on my iOS device, w00t!

What I’d like to try next is to have the animation change once I’m within a trigger box around the actor playing my animation. I’ve gotten this to work in a 3rd person scene using blueprints and playing different animations when collisions on the trigger box being and end, the same logic does not work when approaching the actor in the AR scene unfortunately. Can anyone point me in the right direction to detect collisions with the AR camera position?

Are you asking for a way to detect when you as the holder of the phone enter a collision box?

Yes exactly, do you know if this is possible in the current implementation?

Sorry, I don’t know the answer to that… hoping to get my local arkit setup working soon to help find out :wink:

When you are in the UE ARKit project, is there any sense of a “camera” viewpoint that represents the observer? Or at least some kind of point to which you can trace a vector back? I only remember seeing some kind of world alignment actor in the default project.