ARKit plane visualisation and level placement


I have a working UE4 AR environment with the level and actors doing their thing running on ARKit. I now need to place the level onto a table surface in the real world. Without documentation I’m stuck with the following:

  1. How do you visualise the planes available for placement? As seen at 2 seconds here: The Machines AR (Directive Games) ARKit - YouTube

  2. How to you translate and rotate (but not scale) the whole level to the plane so that all baked lighting goes with it?

If you know of any documentation or examples of the above, that would be great. C++ or Blueprint.



Hey, if you’re still curious about this two months later, and for anyone who stumbles upon this:

  1. Short answer is you can’t without going in and editing and recompiling the plugin. getting the anchor from an AR hit test and then extracting the plane will always result in a null. Hopefully this gets fleshed out more for 4.19.
  2. A whole level can be tricky to deal with, especially in regards to rotation. The way I did it (only translation was needed) was to throw everything except the ARpawn into a sublevel. Then when you do the ARKit Hit Test, the set world origin to that new location, and zero out your sublevel’s location. I did it this way only because I wasn’t sure if baked light information would travel and rotate well, having not looked into it much and needing the test done quickly. If moving a sublevel does not destroy the lighting data of that sublevel, then you could easily set that level’s transform to the location of the successful ARKit Hit, and rotate accordingly. But again I have no idea if that works.

I’d be interested in this too. I have successfully managed to get a cube to appear whenever I click the screen of my iphone. That is a GIANT step for me! However, now I’d like to be able to rotate the model (and move it in the xy plane if possible) where it has been placed so that the user can align the cube up with the edge of a table (for example). Any tutes for this?

any news on how to properly spawn a level? thx