ARKIT head rotation lost when baking to Control Rig

Using the metahuman sample project I try to combine a recorded facial anim with head rotation with the provided sample anim for the body (body anim of a talking person).

However, if I assign the animations for face and body in sequencer, the head rotation from ARKIT is gone. If I set the animation mode of the face to custom, it is back, but head and body are separated (see screenshot).

Also if I bake the facial anim to the control rig, the head rotation is gone. Does anybody know a way to blend both anims in sequencer while maintaining the head rotation from the face ARKIT recording?

This is interesting, I hope someone answers this.

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I believe this is due to the fact that the ARKIT head rotation is applied in the anim BP and stored in a variable inside the animBP. Since these variables are not exposed to sequencer their value is not recorded.

You need to go into Face BP Anim graph, make a Layered Blend Bone (there is one already there)
For sequencer go to the alternate Layered Blend per Bone you just added below the one already there, add 2 Layer Setup elements in details, and make them neck_01 and neck_02,
Now connect same way as the layered blend per bone node that was there.

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Thank you Scott! This is very helpful.

Can you explain this in a touch more detail please Scott. I am trying to achieve the same but unsure how to go about your suggestion exactly. Thanks

Hopefully this will help

Many thanks Scott.