ARKit Documentation for 4.17 and Blueprints

Does anyone know where I can find some documentation and/or sample for the ARKit plugin and UE 4.17 blueprints. I’ve found a few things for XCode but even a sample project would help me (and others) get started in the right direction.



There’s a sample project named ARSample in the dev-ar-kit branch on GitHub -

Clone that repo, and run the Setup script. After that script is done, you should find the sample in the UnrealEngine/Samples folder. Not sure why Epic didn’t include it in the 4.17 binary release.

Apart from that sample, there is no Unreal documentation. Check out the blueprints in the ARSample project, and read the code (plus comments!) in Engine/Plugins/Experimental/AppleARKit/Source.

It’s all built on Apple’s ARKit API anyway, so if you want to really know how to use it, start there - ARKit | Apple Developer Documentation

I want to donwload the sample project from github, but the only I can see when click the link is page not found.
I’m register as developer in github of epic, I can see all the branchs but no dev-ar-kit.
Please help me.

I think Unreal pulled the Arkit sample from their github. I have it downloaded on my computer, but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to share it :slight_smile:

Hi, my unreal account linked with github account, and i get 404 error with the github link. What im missing?

Epic deleted the branch, along with the ARSample. We no longer have access to it. Maybe it (or something like it) will show up again as a download in the launcher whenever Epic post their getting-started-with-arkit blog post.

In the meantime, try watching this new community video tutorial on Unreal ARKit development. Maybe it will help.

Getting Started with ARKit in Unreal Engine 4 - Getting Started With ARKit In Unreal Engine 4 - YouTube

Thanks for the above Christian, just what I was after.

Is this currently working in 4.17.1 with the latest ios 11 beta?

I seem to get hit tests, but they always return the same world coordinates. Although the session returns that it’s running, when I get anchors I get an array of 0 length.