ARKit beginner needs some help


I’m doodling with ARKit in 4.18 release right now and have some questions.
How can i control or prevent the automatic exposure and white-balance of the iPhone-Camera ?

For me the camera image is a bit to dark and i see it clearly when i just use the original camera-app from apple.

Another question is, why can’t i see no 3D-content anymore on the iPhone when i activate mobile-hdr ?

Thanxx for your time =)

No one ?

Still struggling with it and today i tried to capture the light from the real environment (arkit light estimate) and i don’t get it to work as i can’t figure out how it should work.
Is there somewhere a bit of documentation how all this works ? I mean its no beta anymore, how should we use it ?

I got some of my own questions fixed myself.

So if you have f.e. the problem with the mobile-hdr mode not showing 3D content at all,
check to have no arkit-passthrough material in your PostFX slot in the pawn-camera.

Using mobile-hdr also fixes the dark image problem for me.

Still have no luck on arkit-lightestimate, it just does nothing.

And i have one more problem to fix, maybe someone has an idea …
How can i activate ARKit by a button (umg) like the “start in ar” option in the project-settings, i like to activate the
ar functions myself.