Arkit 3.5

Hello guys, i saw that unity has announced they were working on bringing arkit 3.5 beta pretty soon. Does UE4 have any plans on this yet?


If you want to use AR I would consider switching to Unity. AR and mobile VR in Unreal is a mess. I hope Epic rectifies this situation soon but I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Well, now this is disappointing… Thanks for the feedback

Like IslandPlaya wrote, sadly Unreal Engine is awful for mobile AR.
Even if it gets eventually announced, be careful and do your own tests before starting a project.
Last time ARKit3 was announced in a release, it was actually incomplete and with several bugs (for almost a year no fixes).
One needs to use Unity for AR.

It is so sad to see that unreal is fall behind Unity in AR support. Especially for Apple’s ARKit. That’s the future! Come on!