Arkham Riddler's Trophy Replica (Blueprint)

I am primarily environment artist, but I wanted to expand my horizons and learn some blueprint stuff.
My understanding of coding is very limited, walls of code always intimidated me, but using the node based system of blueprints is much less scary.
So, this is my first serious take on blueprints, I wanted to reproduce the Riddler’s Trophy system from Batman Arkham franchise.

So my plan was to create 3 blueprints: PressurePad, Sign, and Trophy
When you stand on PressurePad, the Sign(s) is enabled. If you shoot the Sign - it sends the signal to open the Trophy.

It got quite more complicated as I added more functonality on top of it, like neon flicker, random signs combination, xray vision, lock target crosshair, UMG achievement animation, ecc.

here’s the result

I had great time doing this project, learned ****-ton of new information and techniques. I also discovered that it is much more satisfying creating interactive objects,
adding sounds, particles, postprocess, even creating HUD and achievement animations. Creating static meshes is just not enough anymore!
Also, you may notice the **** quality of the assets, that’s because this project was centered on learning blueprints, well, at least that’s the excuse that I tell myself.

I will be posting all the blueprints, asap.
PressurePad Blueprint

Sign Blueprint

Trophy Blueprint

CrosshairHUD Blueprint

I added a second, much bigger, collision box to the Sign BP, then I fire Trace Line. If it hits, the crosshair BP get’s target coordinates, converts it to Screen Space, and lerp’s between the center of the screen and target.

For Detective Vision I used a slightly modified Outline Post Process shader by Tom Looman
I placed it in a blueprint and assigned an Action to toggle Visibility. The connection lines are just cylinders placed inside walls and under the floor.

For Sound effects I used samples from , edited in Audition CC

Very cool and nicely done!

Thanks for sharing bro! Definitely going to check this out when my BP is ready for it :slight_smile:

This is better belonging in the Community Content & Tools area of the forums, but I’d like to say that the assets look great!

It is amazing, very well done and thanks for sharing :slight_smile:

Very cool stuff, but do you place them manually, or are they adjusted by moving questionmarkthings?
Thank you very much for sharing. :slight_smile:
+1 Batears.