arked projectile target

I’m no sure how to describe what I’m trying to do.

so I am trying to make a projectile that and reliably travel from the player to a target. That would be easy but I need to make it ark and react to the environments collision for physics (so I don’t think I can use homing)

bother the player and the target can move

and I also need to control the ark height.

I for the life of me could not figure this out, any one have any ideas on how I can do this?

Hi Tic-Toc26 you probably already solved this problem but I found your post because I’m trying to do some kind of boomerang and I have solved some of your headches, its not complete, but it may help.

This is the sketch of my implementation:

For the first part I figured out to make a parabolic movement in a given direction, something like this:

Setting the homing in BP (Sorry I couldn’t arrange it better):

HomingProjectiles are kinda tricky.
Dont forget to:

  • Set the velocity to 0 in all axis.
  • Disable the physics.
  • Set the MaxSpeed.
  • Set the Homing Acceleration Magnitude to something high like 5000.

Here is my actual configuration:

if you find out that the collision is not working properly just do what is NOT suposed to do in this image and give a try:


I hope it helps, if not you someone else.

The uploading photos component is so buggy I had to copy the link. Sorry for that.