ArkDevKit crashing on startup

I had my power go out while using the ARKDevKit and now when I try to start it i’m getting the error below.


I tried verifying the DevKit files through steam and i tried copying the git hub files back over but i still get the error. The only thing I have not tried is a reinstall because I don’t want to lose all my work. Far as I know there is no way to import .uassets back into the UE4 dev kit.

Has anyone come across this error message before?

I have not see that particular error myself. To reinstall just ensure you backup your mods folder, the saved folder (only concerned about mods.db really if you’ve uploaded something), and the mod tools folder (again, only really concerned about this if you’ve uploaded something).

You won’t need to import assets, they will just be discovered like they had before when the devkit opens. I know this works because I was able to copy over said three folders to a fresh dev kit installation on a different machine and resume my work.

For me a couple assets had to be updated (their references broke because the other system doesn’t have the exact file structure). You will know the asset has a broken reference because the box will point to nothing (in the case of a something other than a blueprint it will just have the default missing texture or whatever fallback that type has). Shouldn’t have much trouble with this since you are just restoring the same system.

I have the same crash log when I try to launch. It started appearing after a windows 8 crash while the editor was op, so I tried reinstalling the GitHub engine folder - didn’t work. I tried a fresh install, but it was interrupted by another windows 8 crash, so I validated, then there was an update, so I got the new GitHub engine folder - that didn’t work either. I would really prefer not downloading the 35 GB again, has anyone found a way to fix this?

Other than re-validating or re-downloading nope, sadly not :confused:

That is about the only option you really have with this error, from my understanding.