Arkanoid X Twin stick shooter

Hi everyone,

I made a game last month for a french gamejam, and i think i’m gonna finish this one.
I’ll make a demo when it will be bug free soon.

The theme was “make something new out of the old”.
So i took one of my favorite game and i made an Arkanoid-like with a twin stick shooter feeling.

Here are some screenshots:


I posted a timelapse of a boss on youtube:

More updates incoming!


The game still has no title, but the progression I’ve mad is good!
I’ll explain soon some game design, lore and maybe I’ll show a teaser :wink:

Hi everyone, here’s an update about my project, now called ASCENSION!

I made a teaser, check it out:

The website is online:

I made a big step in development since last summer, I’m working hard on this video game, let me know what you think, it wil help me a lot!