Ark UI Tutorial

First tutorial so bear with me but here it is, how to get UIs working in ark.

That is working for the nex Updates? Because I’m try 100% but is not working. Maybe I’m made any wrong. Any can help me? thx

you need to be more specific.

Will this mehtod of creating a UI (by copying playerpawns and editing them) make the mod stackable?

Hello im looking to make a very small mod
this mod would include my servers logo/website info on the very top left of my screen a watermark per-say

What would i have to do different from your video to do this?

Also wouldnt mind changing the admin logo to my logo aswell

First time modder here sorry for the noob questions! Thank you!

the mod will be stackable with mods that done over write the player pawns or reference them. There is other ways to do this but i havnt bothered to make a tutorial on it. this is the building blocks to move out on your own and try new things.

Great video! I just hate the player pawn thing. It’s as dirty as dirty gets lol. I hope someone scares up a nice clean way to do this that’s easy to implement. I’m just getting my feet wet and hope to do something like this on my server, but I’d hate to put something on steam that’s so dirty lol. I haven’t gotten my head wrapped around this stuff enough yet to think up something up myself >.<

Seriously though, awesome vid, the most straight forward thing on UI modding I’ve found :smiley: Thank goodness this game has accessible UI modding unlike so many others.

Hey guys! Got a simple HUD working everywhere (dev kit dedicated server even), but ingame. Have you guys ran into this? More details: