ARK Sword Skin

So I’ve never modded anything before, but after 6 months of waiting for the ARK dev team to add a claymore (two handed sword) into the game, I decided I would give it a go myself. I am attempting to use the Unreal Engine Modding system given by the Epic Games Launcher. My problems are really twofold:

  1. Is it possible to add a new animation for the human character into the game, so that he could swing both arms and hold the sword in both hands, rather than the current one-handed sword style? If so, how would I start going about that?
  2. Is it possible to design a new sword skin for my Claymore, such that it would look different from the swords currently in the game? I am fairly certain this can be done, as I have seen sword mods, but I don’t know how I would go about doing that. Would I require a separate system to design the sword in? Pleas help.
    A first time Modder

You will need a 3D modeling/animation program to

  1. modify the skeleton linked to the sword to animate a two handed style
  2. create/modify a sword model
    Afterwards you have to import it into the Dev Kit.