Ark Survival evolved Mod.

Hello, I been looking for a modded for a very long tim that could do this job for me, but no one seems interested in it.

I understand that it’s probably hard, I personally tried to do it myself, but got snagged on some problems I just had no clue how to fix. I really hope that someone will be willing to help me out this year.

I’ll be up front with you, I’m disabled and live on a fixed income, depending on the price I may be unable to pay you in one large lump sum, but will rather have to be set up smaller weekly/monthly payments.

If you’re still here, then I hope that means you’re giving this some thought.

The Job:

i want to add a few items to the game.

  1. A Super Mushroom. Eating this Mushroom will make the player 12x times their original size.
    The camera will be switched to a camera that’s useful(like when you mount a giga or something of close to equal size.
    also all the players stats will be buffed to x12.
    (in PMs I can explain to you the thing I did to get this to work, but problems I was having)
    This buff would need to last 5 minutes.

  2. Poison Mushroom. Similar as above but down. Player shrink to 1/12th their original size. reduced camera height to match their size, and reduced stats at 1/12th what they were.

These effects need to be stackable, but only timer wise.
example. Every Mushroom you eat stacks more time on your size augmentation. AKA, you’re now giant/tiny for 10 minutes.

Hello ,

A warm Merry Christmas from Hephaestus Entertainment to you and your family.
We are so pleased to work with you in this project together as i have an experience of more than 8 years in gaming illustration and animation field. So i love to do such work .
You can have a look in my portfolio:

Looking forward to hear you positively.