ARK Survival Evolved Huge project need help and knowledge/expertise

Hi every one i’m new to the modding just end download the unreal engine to try create a mod i think will change a lot into the game play of ark survival evolve. This project will start whit simple job who will be used as foundation for the final product. I might not have the skill for this project so i’m counting on you to help me out achieve a good final product. If you are ready to help me and participate to this adventure, i will be glad to accept your help. If you do not have a lot of time to give but some knowledge, just create a video or share one who explain the action who are describe into the planning.

we all know the ark dev kit is really slow and it is almost taking me a day to do a simple base modding. If some of you have good expertise whit the function of a smithy or other work station your help is more then welcome!

I,M looking to know how set a paper blue print craft an other blue print of an other item