ARK Survival Evolved graphics question (.ini)

Hi everyone, first of all Im not sure if this is the right place to post this so forgive me if it is not. Now to the real quesiton
The game Ark Survival Evolved is an unreal engine project what means that you have the option to alter its graphic configuration in the .ini file by using ShowFlag commands. I used to have a setup which made it so that water was almost transparent from the top, making it easier to spot stuff underwater. However, I had to hard reset my pc for some reasons and Ive lost this configuration that I used to have. Now, whenever I try to replicate the same settings, I get this opaque looking water that has the completely oposite effect of what I need. Im not sure if you guys can help me, but if you did Id greatly appreciate it.
Here I leave some pictures of how the game used to look like and how it looks now
Before PC reset (Old config, the one Im trying to recreate)
After reset (How it looks like now)

Like I said, if anyone knows how to make it look like it used to, Id greatly appreciate it. Thanks!