ARK Survival Dev-Kit Support

I was Downloading the Dev Kit last night off of steams Tool’s list once its downloaded it will take you to this page Workshop

Once in the Page it will say to create an account for the UE4 though that has been done a year ago. It also says to After downloading and installing the ARK Dev Kit Tool from Steam, you’ll need to download our custom Unreal Engine 4 Editor executable from GitHub here: <---- this link is invalid and is a 404 site. You can check that link in the first link to the page and go to “Create your Own” page. Anyone getting this error? If anyone has another link to download the UE4 Exe. file. i went into my steamapps and into common trying to find anything to relate to the instructions but cant seems to get it at the moment, so if anyone has downloaded the Steam Kit for ARK and having the same issue if you found a solution to the problem please let me know. Much appreciated

The link is only invalid if you are not logged in and do not have your Github account linked for access in your UE4 Control panel. Log into your account and walk thru the getting access to the git hub source section and then you can see the files.

I did this and also created a new github account still can not get the files to extract into the ark developer folder. I am downloading the game engine through Epic Games launcher can i extract it and move it from there?

has anyone got a workaround for the broken exe link yet (yes my github account is linked to my unreal account)??

Ditto. Linked. Setup. Broken link still broken.

To Answer your question: there is a hidden step - rather a step not mentioned. Here is what I did::

  1. downloaded dev kit from steam
  2. created a Unreal4 account
  3. created a Github account
  4. went back to Unreal profile section and filled in my Github account name
  5. went back to GitHub and ACCEPTED THE “EPIC GAMES” INVITE INTO THE “GITHUB EPIC GAMES GROUP” ON GITHUB <— Important step I think you missed!
  6. Clicked on the original and was given access to the repo.

Hope this helps everyone with the same problem.

Thanks Apoch. I couldn’t find the invite in my github account, but it was in my associated email.

where do you fill in you gitHub account name i’m new to this

where do I fill in my github account name ?

Mine says it’s missing a DLL file, UE4Editor-Core.dll . Is this because I haven’t downloaded the Dev Tool Kit, or something else…?

I get the UE4Editor-Core.dll missing as well when trying to open the UE4Editor.exe from the Ark-Dev-Kit. any reason for this error?

I’m having the same problem as both above me. UE4Editor-Core.dll is missing.

Anyone have any ideas why my water plane would come out green?3f352e276e7736e66c1a348f0c9dbde327f1a10b.jpeg

any 1 know why with latest update the Click here for help goes to

but then states i have invalid permission to view, Well thats Helpfull

So I have joined Epic Github but I have never used Github before. Where do I download what it is I need to download. :slight_smile: Any guidance would be awesome because I am so close lol.

Also I’d be happy to make a video of it to help other newbs once I get there. :slight_smile:

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Word of warning, The ARK Dev Kit is roughly 35GB.

If you’re on dial-up speeds don’t bother :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting that the dev kit is incredibly larger than both the Ark game AND Fully fleshed out Unreal engine combined…

Make sure you guys activate the email addressess. Validate them with the email you get. That is the number problem people have.

THANK YOU!!! It was so frustrating until I saw your comment, and yes, I think lots of people miss this part like I did “5. went back to GitHub and ACCEPTED THE “EPIC GAMES” INVITE INTO THE “GITHUB EPIC GAMES GROUP” ON GITHUB <— Important step I think you missed!”

For those of you who still have issues or think the information above is hard to0 understand here is a video on how to setup

Load in the default ARK map and it should fix it self