Ark : Stargate Evolved

Ark : Stargate Evolved

Ark : Stargate Evolved bring the universe of stargate into ark ! As you may expect, there will be stargate and lot of thing from the original serie.
This mod will be heavily adventure oriented and will focus on exploration of new island and inter-island tribes fight, will lot of mechanics like address generation, DHD hacking for address spy, or even manual addressing using the stargate ring and external power supply.

Now :
Current Mod Version :** v0.35**

**Current Feature : **

  • Full DHD logic
  • Humain and Dinosaurs Stargate Teleportation
  • Multiplayer Support


  • Even Horizon Model Decomposition
  • **Simple Object Teleportation **(Rocket, Grenade)
  • Kawoosh/Wrong Side Teleportation Disintegration (Instant killing) with stupid Dino protection (we don’t want these tard pteranodon to enter the stargate from behind)
  • Procedural Landscape Generation (Using Default UE4 Engine) by Tavon (He f*****g love procedural generation, Like really !)

Technical :

All this mod is made assuming ark will support c++ for modder, otherwise we will NEVER release that mod if we can’t get it to the level we want, its pointless to just have 3 stargate standing here for minor teleportation.

  • Procedurally generated island based on address Seed (2 Billion island to visit yay !)

  • Randomly generated address Note (like rare blueprint found inside dino)
    Basically, an island will be generated when a player found a new address, so its will not be possible to try ‘random guessing adresse’ unless that address have been generated by server.

  • Stargate Based Energie tool/weapon (ZPM anyone ?)

  • Race ( Wraith, Asgard)

  • More to come

    This is assuming we can exploit the character transfer from default Official Ark server, disabling ofc the transfer usage of Ark Obelisk.
  • Official Stargate Server galaxy : each server will have his difficulty level and will take the skin of the corresponding door ( ex : Easy Pve SG-1 stargate, Medium PVP Atlantis stargate, HardCore Universe Stargate ), each official server will be connected like if they was an galaxy which can be reached using high amount of energie.

Team :

**Developer : **

If you are interested by the development of this mod, we are seeking :

Shader/Effect Designer (1):
Creation of UE4 Material for special effect like : Event Horizon, Kawoosh, etc

3D Modeler/Animation (1 - 2):
Modelisation of Stargate related stuff (Dial Home Device, Jaffa’s canon, etc) with preferably game animation skill.

if you are motivated, you can send me a PM or contact me at, including some of your work would be greatly appreciated!

- When the Mod will be released to public ?
We Will Release the mod once the procedural Island Generation will be working (so when c++ API is available, it depend of Studio Wildcare !)

**- Can I Try the mod before that ?**S
Some private alpha test are planned, check this thread to see when.

- What if they never release the c++ support ?
We will abandon the project, if someone want to take the lead of the project, we will be happy to give him.

- Do you gonna finish that mod if they release c++ ?
We are fan of stargate since we are born, and dreaming of a stargate game for so long, we may finally have a chance to have this kind of game with Ark, So yes, if we can do whatever we want with ark, we gonna create the Stargate game a lot of fan have dreamed of !


**** reserved ****


If you require the use of C++ don’t get your hopes up too much. Currently you can only use UE4’s blueprint system. I can’t speak for them of course, but I get the impression C++ isn’t going to happen anytime soon. Obviously I hope I’m wrong.

I know there is a possibility that c++ won’t be supported, that why we talk about this consideration in the presentation, but there is still hope, the only thing we need is supporting the compilation of new c++ class, the full source code isn’t necessary.

If/when we can add our own classes to ARK, if you need any coding help, let me know. I have decades of coding experience and extensive game modding experience :slight_smile:

Good luck on the project. I was thinking myself that ARK could benefit from just such a project. I love the Stargate series and my favorite mods in Minecraft always involved new worlds/realms and teleportation gates.

This looks amazing

That is really, really cool, keep it up Epixeron! :smiley:

Thanks everyone for the support, glad to see that everyone enjoys as much as we do :D!

Right now our priority is to create a UE4 plugin creating procedural islands. As Epixerion said, we are looking for peoples who can create graphic effects, so if you are motivated, contact us!

hazens1: Thanks, I’ll contact you when we will know more about C++ !

Honestly the game is really already going the direction like Stargate with the current items available so topping the experience off with your stargate and everything else you may have planned is awesome to see. :smiley: I look forward to seeing what this will become.

Was great doing the first ARK Survival Evolved Mod Showcase for this Stargate mod my friend!

You got mail!

I am very excited about this… a dream coming true.

If this gets abandoned let me know asap, I know a group of CS Uni students in our community that are drooling at the chance to use and/or crack this puppy open just from seeing the videos you provided =D

So, why is it that you guys need the C++ API for ARK then? Since in the video, it seems you already got the main thing working, and on the workshop there is already a Stargate Teleportation mod, so it would be awesome to have this mod released to, so then we have both the SG-1 and SG-A gate for use :slight_smile: (Any ETA? Its some time since the mod post has been made or updated afaik)

Also, i do get what you guys intend to do with the mod, like make it possible to Teleport between servers, but it would already be awesome if you can place them around the map and teleport then with them to transport stuff, so i see where you guys are going but in the video, the mod seems more than just perfect to be used for a server and its players without the ability to teleport across servers, so i think you can add that later at some point instead of keeping all of us waiting impatiently :slight_smile:

Its best you direct this to the person, Salcarr, who is doing it in the workshop.