ARK Server Manager Tool for Installing/Managing Mods on a Dedicated Server

We’ve created this tool to Download, Install, & Manage Mods on a Dedicated Server. Currently only works on Windows Servers that you have direct access to, but soon will work on remote servers and also on Linux Servers:

Enjoy, and don’t worry, it’s going to get more powerful every day :wink:

It’s looking good! Any ETA on Linux support (headless)?

Jeah some love for linux servers would be awesome
especially since you once (with the release of linux server) stated that officals will migrate to linux

I noticed that after activating a TC mod with that Ark Server Manager Tool, that server is missing to activate that mod. The server runs without any activated mod/TC then. The Server launch command line is missing -TotalConversionMod=ModID.

I’m getting daily reports that the server manager tool doesn’t list my Live version mod, and only lists the Test version mod, along with random comments about manual installing not working, can’t download the mods from steam…

These are just a few of the comments I’m getting about the Server Manager Tool, I don’t know how it’s list populates, I’ve never even used it I do everything manually on the 2 servers I’m running Windows && Linux, so I haven’t seen first hand if you are manually populating the list or getting a list from steam, but I’d like to point out that the Test version is only public to allow people to connect that server, people will use the Live in their own servers and some aren’t tech savvy enough to do it without the Server Manager Tool.

Can I get some feedback on the situation to tell the subscribers and future subscribers about? I’ve had a large portion of people come and tell me they saw the mod on Twitch or Youtube and want to get it, they love the glass/reinforced wood and bought the game after seeing a streamer play it for a few hours but can’t get the mod.

Aku Shima Mod on Steam


The mod list comes straight from steam but due to some undocumented “features” of their API the list was not complete. The latest version of the tool should now be showing all mods listed on the workshop that are public :slight_smile:
The new thread for the tool is actually

To use TC mods with the tool, make sure it is installed in the mods tab AND activated - You can then select the mod in the total conversions drop down on the front screen.

Its on its way!

Good to hear!!! You are definitely helping alot of people out!

Thank you FaceWound.

Is there a way to edit user/character data on my private server?

Basically, I had a weight mod changing all starting characters weight stat.
After a game update, I forgot to activate the mod using the RCON program.
Everyone logged in, their stats were overwritten with the basic stats (un-modded),
and now new players get modded stats, old players don’t…
It’d take way too long to reset everyone’s character and re-assign them exp in-game 1 by 1…

Any way for server admins/hosts to read character data and edit values?


and thats what you have backups for
just return to an older savegame

It’s been a couple of months, any update on the linux version?

The manager fails to install larger mods (e.g. Terra Nova Initia, a large map by Uzumi). Other than that, a very useful tool.

Manager also fails to connect to the server even with the correct information in. When is any sort of update coming to this application? The steam page is blown up with comments of lack of any sort of feedback from FaceWound let alone any status updates.

How do you go about having the tool update workshop mods? I haven’t used any mods on my server but it’s been up a month and wanted to try ORP. However, a 900mb file to keep manually FTP updating sounds horrible.

at the current moment, thats the only method of updating mods on a server. Manually updating with your clients mod updates. We use the ORP and its not 990mb, its 3mb.