Ark- Outbreak

Hello and welcome to my project page for my new mod I am making for Ark Survival Evolved.

I am the creator of the Mystic Academy Mod and I have become bored with the mechanics of Ark. I will be creating a whole new survival environment.

For this project I am looking for other devs that can help to work on the project.

This will be an OPEN Source Project meaning that I will be posting the project files on here so that later in project modders can add their own flare to Outbreak.

Ark - Outbreak Explanation.

  • All Ark Engrams Are Removed from Outbreak
  • All Vanilla Dinos have been removed for Outbreak.
  • All Ark Engrams Are Removed from Outbreak
  • Normal resources like wood,stone and metal are no longer in game.
  • A whole new looting System is in place
  • There is a Virus That Has Infected The Island which will put a 12 hour timer on you screen if infected once timer hits 0 you die.
  • A cure can be found in random locations on the island but will only be able to be crafted at the ruined laboratory.
  • Dinos have a new taming system “I personally don’t know how to tame an animal just filling its stomach with meat i’d expect they would just kill me when they wake up.”
  • The spawn locations will be limited to different sections of a plane wreck.“4 Locations”
  • New resources will be used some include but are not limited to - Nails,wood planks,soda cans,factory barrels ect.
  • Weapons will be limited when you spawn you will find weapons at the military base or random locations on map.
  • Difficulty will be high more realistic then Ark
  • all new crafting system

Now a lot of things will be changed and altered throughout the creation of this project.

I am looking for people to help in the following.

  • Textures
  • Videos
  • Testers
  • dino creations
  • 3d Modelers
  • Concept designer

Now I will be very grateful for help with this project but realize this will happen regardless.

I hope to hear from the community and can’t wait to see the project grow.

Creator Of
Mystic Academy

Very interesting concept!
Sadly I do not have any time to help out in your project, but I’ll be watching it :wink:

Just a few questions:
How would you like the looting system to work, and is “harvesting” corpses with tools affected as well?
What kind of new taming system do you have in mind? Something that completely moves away from the current peaceful/narcotic taming?

Best regards,

harvesting bodies would not give you anything looting system is diff. I will aso be changing how tames work to be more realistic