ARK Modding help : Scale a dinos size.

Hello there,

   Been messing around with the editor for a day or two and am trying to make a Carno-sized Direwolf.

How do I go about doing this? I’ve tried editing the scale values found on the Skeleton and _BP uassets and exported them. both existing Direwolves and freshly spawned are still their usual size so it would appear the game is not recognizing my edits or I am most likely doing it wrong. Any advice would be appreciated.

scale the capsule component

I have, the game seems unresponsive to any edits I make. I’ve tried replacing uasset files directly as right now I have no clue how to throw together a mod pack.
Is there a unique way of saving stuff that the game likes/reads?

It’s 4.30 in the morning so I really don’t have the energy to type out a specific set of instructions, but if you go to my post here you should get a basic understanding of the basics of a mod.

Also, what you’re doing will be a little more involved than I think you initially thought it would be as you’ll need to add the new dino to the spawn zone(s) you wish it to show up in.

It also pays to have a little structure to your mods, especially if you ever get to very elaborate mods… the example below is from my Admin UI mod.


This is a cheap and cheerful approach I’ve used to resize the Parasaurolophus to something more historically correct in my mod.

For a TC mod you edit capsule scale in dino character BP. You will also want to proportionally adjust melee radius, and in the animation scale the rider (only). I also adjusted movement speeds (walking, running, step timing) so that dinos don’t “slide” as they walk. Check out the Parasaurolophus in my mod for the outcome.

For non-TC much the same, you’ll have to copy assets and remap them from Primal Game data. There is a thread on re-targetting skeletons and animations of your copied assets which is a good reference.

I change everytime only the skeletal mesh size, works perfect for me^^