[ark mod] mesh not aligning with camera

Hi – I’m running into an issue with a mountable character_bp and taking off (to fly). When I mount and take-off on my dragon, the dragon jumps way high into the air, almost off of the TPV camera. If you look at my attached screenshot you’ll see no capsules showing in the middle of the screen, yet my dragon is acting as if he is on the ground…I’m actually running into the wall in my screenshot as if I were flying against the ground.

For some reason I cant get this mesh/animation to not jump up so high whenever I takeoff. It’s not any of the Z/takeoff offsets in the character_bp…I’ve even raised the take-off Z velocity to +1000, and it’ll make my dragon take-off way high, but it’ll still behave the way it is now (with the dragon mesh on the top of the screen).

If I switch to first person my character is on the dragon and can fly it just fine, apart from the collision thing still being a ways under the dragon mesh itself.

I’ve been changing so many things, experimenting with root motion…all to no avail.

Could I get any suggestions on things to check? Even if you aren’t sure, a best guess would still be much appreciated

It’s worth noting that this dragon was originally pretty large, but I’ve scaled the skeletal mesh down from 3.0 to .6…could the take-off animation be glitchy because of this?


TPV offsets in the char bp, as you said you tried that, it is where you set your cam, but its probably the takeoff anim itself, you can edit that. also see where the root bone is.