ARK Mod Forum Devs - Can we please get a tutorials subsection?

Would love to start doing some write ups for first time UE users, as that is where I started from not but just a month ago.

Having a place of its own along with all the other great tutorials and how-to’s would be a very helpful to new comers. It would also help to separate and localize these topics.


would be a nice thing to have +1

Indeed, I was thinking of making a master thread but this would be better.

We already have a master thread for tutorials and documentation

Master thread and all is nice, but it would be a little better organized if tutorials had their own place to stand. Having general questions roll over tutorials which then get shoved to the bottom if no replies doesn’t help some find them even in a master thread.

A LOT of people completely miss that thread all together.

An actual subsection, I think, would help new users to find the information easier.

Agree with a tutorial subsection! At the moment, like jslay said before, a lot of useful infomation gets buried very fast and the master thread needs to be maintained by a moderator all the time.

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I agree with Jslay, a tutorial section would be very helpful. Especially anything specific to the Ark Dev Kit!