Ark Map Making Youtube Tutorials

Hey guys, I am currently in the process of making some tutorials on how to create maps for Ark in the dev kit!

Video #1 (Setting up the terrain): Ark Dev Kit Tutorial: 1 - Setting up the base terrain! - YouTube

Video #2 (Intro to the sculpting Tool):

A decent starting point, but make sure you make the landscape Mi_newisland not the old mat_theisland

its not what they use on the island anymore so i doubt it will be kept up to date

oh good point, I have fixed it! Thank you

Id also mention stuff about the Z scaling they use (180) and where the landscape should be roughly placed as the waterplane can only be at a certain Z level unless you want to modify several asset they use in regards to the water

Yeah Ill probably do that in my tutorial where i add the water plane, any tips on the altitude for each the dirt plane, water plane and landscape?

Also I would appreciate it if you would add me on steam to help me out with this info : thewookie92

Thanks for this tutorial, i’m following this one closely. I’m looking to create an icy map, but i’ve struggled getting maps to work, so am looking forward to more from this tutorial. :slight_smile:

Having an issue with world comp. I created a map with several levels for water, sky, rock actors. After cooking and uploading, subscribing the map downloads in pieces as the levels i created and is unplayable no errors, just crashes game. I followed all the tutorials to the t but some how i must have missed a step.

Posted in support here if you can give me any help at all. Map upload shows all levels in game mod list instead of just one map. - Support - Unreal Engine Forums