ARK-like fantasy survival game Looking for Team members! [Texture artists, Character artists, ect.]

Title(code name):
Beast Masters

[Beast Masters] is an Ark-like Open-world Fantasy Survival game, in which the player has the ability to tame various creatures from myths, legends and just over all fantasy. There will be a building system and an rpg-like skill tree to master. Open to feature suggestions.

An alive open-world with ecosystems and carefully placed mineral supplies for more strategicly placed settlements(player-built).
Extensive control of mounts, with air rolls, different stances and unique creature attacks.
A skill tree rich of choices and powerful (but not OP) abilities.
A Potion brewing system with many different elements(temperature, ingredients, skill).
Rich building system with npc settlers who trade and can be set to do certain tasks, like farming, mining, gathering herbs, carpenting and much more.
unlock-able moves for creatures.

Felt that arks game concept is nice, but its placed in the wrong atmosphere/timeperiod? Thats what this game is trying to do better. I simply love the concept of Ark, but i feel it would be even better in an fantasy rpg setting. This is what this game tries to do, adding magic, potions, skill trees and fantasy creatures and a lot more. You can build settlements and have npcs come live in them, creating a society in the progress, and give them jobs like mining, carpenting, trading, smithing, brewing, cooking, lumberjacking, gathering herbs and more. creatures have different beheaviors and abilities, all unlockable in a per creature skill tree, with moves like an air roll, charge attacks, rage (which will boost the attack stat) ect. They also have a defensive and an offensive stance, with different moves per stance. The potion brewing system allows you to use herbs and other special ingredients (like creature blood, hair or ivor) and different temperatures to brew many unique brews, potions and oils that have unique stat buffs and effects. You can enchant armor and creature armor for special move boosts and resistances. And thats just the summary of it.

Team Name:

Team Structure:
StijnArtsbb2 (Project Creator and Gameplay Designer/3d Modeler and Blueprint Developer)
Moderate Experience with mudbox, maya, substance designer, 3ds max and speedtree, Unreal engine rookie.

Previous Work:
This is my first project.

Talent Required (preferably EU based, but not required):
Concept artists
3d Modeler
Developers(Blueprint or C++)
Gameplay designers
Foliage designers
People that have experience with UE4
AI programmers

Skype: Stijn_Arts

Thank you for your time!

This is perhaps not what you want to hear - but have you considered doing this as a mod for ARK? It already has most of the groundwork done, and there are existing mods like Medieval Structures

Particularly as a first project at the “idea” stage, it’ll be hard to gather a team to make it real.

Though - things may go great, don’t let me discourage you!

yeah i considered making it a mod for ark, but the differenses are too great, as my game would feature all kind of extra stats, building features and much more that ark doesnt have, so i would essentialy be an entirely new game. Also I only used ark as a reference to explain the concept, as they are vaguely similar but in essense very different. thanks for the suggestion tho!
If you want to help with the project, add me on discord at stijnartsbb2#7304

Point taken - though building a game similar to, but better than ARK as a first project is very ambitious, I still think it would be good to try out some ideas as mods for ARK. Adding extra stats and building features is probably rather dooable even without access to their source.

Getting a decent mod going would also show people what you are capable of, gathering the interest of developers and gamers when it comes to making a game - and it sure helps to try making a game as a mod, then say “Look, we want to do this, but the mod tools do not allow for it because of X, Y and Z, so we are making a fresh game - come join us”.

Personally - I’ve been a developer for many years, with a few popular games, but am still doing some small projects with UE4 (like this, [wip] Wheelz2 (Physics Bike game) - now in Early Access! - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums as well as a couple of other little games I am toying around with, and looking at making some mods for other UE4-based games) before embarking on a big mission like this one!

The ideas do sound good - I sure like the concept of NPCs joining your team, and skill trees for creatures, bringing together the best bits of “Dwarf Fortress” with Ark, and the complexity of a playable character for a huge number of creatures - but that sounds like an epic project (haha) even for an experienced well-oiled machine.

Still - don’t let me stop you, jumping in the deep end is a great way to learn.

Having said all that - you mentioned this is your first project - but you have experience with various 3d/artistic systems, as well as blueprints, can you link to some of your previous work? Not just for me, but for anyone seeing this post, it should make it more tempting!

First i want to say, Thanks for the supportive suggestions!
I am going to upload an example of my modelling work in 1-2 weeks (whenever i have the time, because im in the middle of my Cambridge Checkpoint exams).
Also i want to invite you to join the team, you seem to have experience and knowlegde, so hit me up with your discord and/or skype name if you are interested!
Also i want to thank you for feedback on my game idea, it helped me further develope the concept. I also want to add to this that we have a new team member, Pinworm, who has done Blueprint scripting for 2 years now!

Hey - thanks for the invite - I am somewhat interested, but do not feel nearly ready to commit. Amongst other things, an awful lot of my time is spent developing this: [wip] Wheelz2 (Physics Bike game) - now in Early Access! - Work in Progress - Unreal Engine Forums (well, mostly play-testing :wink: ) - and very happy for it too, I’m finding and escaping a huge number of pitfalls and mis-matched expectations (in both directions) while developing it. Really, I’d like to get it polished, with the major items on the checklist finished before thinking too hard about what to work on next.

I will be trying to keep my eye on this, would like to see how it gets going