ARK: Helheim (Map, also adds some resources, biomes and DINOSAURS!!!) (For now just an idea)

WARNING!!! For now it’s just an idea. WARNING!!!

Helheim in Norse mythology is hell or underworld. And what is this map? It’s Aberration mixed with Ragnarok. Actually, Aberration is The Island, but corrupted after barrier destruction. Helheim is corrupted Ragnarok.

Ragnarok has MUCH more biomes than Island, so on this map there is also more biomes. Here is a list of all biomes.
Fertile Region/Mushroom forest, Bioluminiscent Swamps, Radioactive Biome, Surface (these biomes are already on Aberration), Rock Biome, Cold Rock Biome, Cold Forest, Giant Mushroom Forest, Dry Ocean, RAD-desert, Salt Flat, Badlands (these are new).
The descriptions of new biomes will be later, for now just a small info.

Rock Biome - it is like a Fertile Biome/Mushroom forest, but more rocky, with less trees and many canyons. The dinos here are the same, but one new dinosaur (Scanderaptor, about it - later) spawns here very often, so it’s a perfect place to find and tame a high-level Scanderaptor.

Cold Rock Biome - the same as Rock Biome, but snowy and cold, with more “snow creatures” spawn and less normal Fertile Biome ones. Also, there’s even more Scanderaptos than in normal Rock biome.

Cold Forest - It’s like a Mushroom/Fertile region, but snowy and cold. Here many dinosaurs spawn, also some new creatures.

Giant Mushroom Forest - it’s Redwoods of here, forest of SUPER-HUGE MUSHROOMS. They’re even bigger than Redwoods, and nearly getting to the top of cave. Here spawns many new animals…

Dry Ocean - desert-like biome, very radioactive and full of Namelesses. Here is many oil and pearls, but no trees and nearly no rocks.

RAD-desert - it is radioactive desert. Full of mutated creatures and radiation, it is the one of most hard biomes to survive.

Badlands - is like a RAD-desert, but wil more rocks and no desert-living creatures, but many mountain-loving creatures.

Salt Flat - it is biome full of salt, with salt pools and many saltrocks, the salt pools are damaging if you get in them, here is a very small amount of creatures, because here is no plants, but there’s at least 1 unique creature.

About creatures - a bit later. Tomorrow, maybe. Tomorrow also will be more about biomes.

I’ve got only 1 question - do anyone like my idea?

Well, as I said, I will describe some things about mushrooms and glowpets.

On Helheim, there is all sorts of mushrooms of normal Aberration. But now, there will be some more. Air Mushroom and Termo Mushroom. Also there will be 2 new glowpets feeding on these mushrooms. But later about them, mushrooms first.

Air Mushroom is full of air, and it is useful if you are swimming in depth - it will restore 10 Oxygen. But it will take -10% from your food, like Aquatic one.

Termo Mushroom will give you 12-second effect +15 hypothermal insulation and also +15 hyperthermal insulation. But it has a negative effect: -5% from your food and -5% from your water.

Gathering them is same to all other mushrooms.

There are 2 new glowpets - Sparkwing and Shimmerfrog. Sparkwing is a small bat with glowing wings and ears, Shimmerfrog - frog with glowing spots on legs and back. They act like all other glowpets, they are passive and can be tamed passively. Sparkwing (bat) is eating Termo Mushrooms and Shimmerfrog (frog) is eating Air Mushrooms. Frogs spawns at Bioluminiscent Swamps (very common) and at Giant Mushroom Forest (rare). Bats - at Rock biome and Cold Rock biome. They are enable for breeding, frogs are laying eggs in water, like Beelzebufo, and bats are gestating, like all mammals.

For now it’s all!

It´s a great idea.
Please coninue with it.

A new creature for you… Tatzelwyrm.

Scientific name: Diplocaulus neotenicus
Spawns: Bioluminiscent Swamps (common)
Tatzelwyrm is an amphibian, mutated Diplocaulus that have neoteny, like axolotl. It spawns at Bioluminiscent Swamps (blue Aberration biome) and only in this biome, but it is very common here and can be easily found. Tatzelwyrm looks like a Diplocaulus but with external gills, flat tail with large fin/sail (like a tadpole), bigger eyes and nostrils, shorter legs with web and longer front teeth. Also it’s skin has glowing spots (like Aberrant creature variant have), they are always blue, like glowing trees in Bioluminiscent Swamps, also they are glowing as bright as torch or glowstick, but they are NOT charge. Like any sort of tadpole, tatzelwyem is aquatic animal, it lives ONLY in water but can go on land for short times. It has a new status - Moistness, it automatically becomes full in water and if it is on land, it starts to lose. It loses all on land after 300 seconds (5 minutes), after that it will get damage and die if not get back in water.
But Tatzelwyrm has a new unique ability - Cocooning. It can transform into cocoon (like lungfishes, for example Protopterus) and not die without water. You can transform it into cocoon if you tamed it, if you press use button (Default E) and choose Cocoon option. It will transform into item (Cocoon), like Giant Bee Queen transforms into hive. Cocoon can be carried, after using it, it will transform into Tatzelwyrm again.
Tatzelwyrms in nature are skittish/reactive creatures and will escape from player even if not attacked.

Tatzelwyrm can be tamed by knocking it out, like many of the creatures. Taming or hunting it isn’t hard, but can be dangerous because you can meet dangerous creatures, like Megalosaurus or Karkinos if you are chasing it.


  • 3 Kibble (Desert Runner Egg) (About this creature - LATER)
  • 8 Aquatic Mushroom
  • 12 Aggeravic Mushroom
  • 13 Air Mushroom
  • 16 Rare Mushroom
  • 17 Termo Mushroom
  • 19 Ascerbic Mushroom
  • 22 Auric Mushroom
  • 28 Rare Flower
  • 45 Organic Polymer

After tamed, Tatzelwyrm can be used mostly as gatherer, because it can gather many resources. Gathering List is below.
Gathering List (0 is lowest, 5 is highest)

  • Mushrooms (5)
  • Rare Flower/Rare Mushroom (5)
  • Silica Pearls (5)
  • Oil (4.8)
  • Black Pearls (4.5)
  • Organic Polymer (4.3)
  • Leech Blood (4.2)
  • Chitin/Keratin (4)
  • Fish (3.7)
  • Meat (3.3)

While Tatzelwhyrm is a perfect gatherer, it’s not for far travels or fights, because it has low speed and damage. It’s perfect to transform it into cocoon and carry using any dinosaur from one water place to other, using Tatzelwyrm to gather resources from them.
Below there are base (level 1) stats of Tatzelwyrm and things that it drop.

Stats of Tatzelwyrm (level 1)

  • HP - 225
  • Stamina - 425
  • Oxygen - unable to drown (REMEMBER ABOUT MOISTNESS!!!)
  • Food - 1440
  • Weight - 260
  • Damage - 23/12
  • Speed - 90 (walking), 220 (sprinting on land), 654 (swimming), 1899 (sprinting in water)
  • Torpor - 330

Tatzelwyrm drop

  • Raw Meat
  • Raw Prime Meat
  • Biotoxin

Well, Tatzelwyrm has 2 attack. First is Tail Swipe, it deals 23 damage and gathers resources from plants, rocks and other things. Second is Bite, it deals 12 damage, gathers resources from dead creatures and adds a status effect on target - Tatzelwyrm Poisoning. It drains 0,3% of HP per second and increases torpidity fast. One attack will add it for 5 seconds.

Tatzelwyrm can be ridden without saddle, but also with it. Saddle unlocks on level 33. It acts like a fabricator, allows you to craft the same things. About crafting the saddle - later. Tatzelwyrm can be breeded like other creatures, it lays eggs in water, like amphibians and fish, but not only fertilized. Unfertilized eggs can be picked up (fertilized - can’t) and cooked into a Kibble (Tatzelwyrm Egg).

Underwater gatherer - gathers many underwater resources, like oil, pearls and organic polymer. Cocooning can help in moving it around the map, place it in swamps, rivers and lakes and then gather resources from then.

Tamer - second attack tranquilizes creatures. It has hight DPS so it can knock out creatures fast.

Fabricator Creature - it’s saddle acts like a fabricator.

It is the first creature description. Do you like it? If you want to change it a bit, write your ideas! I, maybe, will add them.

One more creature. Glowworm.
Scientific name: Khorkoi luminosis
Spawns: RAD-desert (rare), Ice Cave (ice variant, common)

Glowworm is a mutated Deathworm, it looks like absolutely similar but with glowing spots and more legs, also it has some spikes on back. Glowworms are living at RAD-desert, and they are extremely dangerous here, but there’s a way to escape them - salt flat. They will escape from this place, because salt damages them, like any other creature. Like Deathworms, Glowworms can’t be tamed, but can be killed to get some resouces. Glowworms are not as agressive as their desert relatives, they will attack player or smaller dinos, while large carnivores like Megalosaurus, Rock Drake or Karkinos will not be their target, even if large dinosaurs are ridden by player. But they will attack if they get damaged by these dinosaurs. Also, if Glowworm’s HP is low, it will escape underground, so you need enough speed to destroy them. All Glowworms are level 1.

Glowworm stats (Level 1)

  • HP - 8500
  • Stamina - 400
  • Oxygen - 1500
  • Food - 100
  • Weight - 100
  • Damage - 100
  • Speed - ?
  • Torpor - 9500000 (nearly unknockoutable)

Glowworm drop

  • Raw Meat
  • Raw Prime Meat
  • Deathworm Horn
  • Chitin
  • Keratin
  • Hide

Also they have a special loot, it can be different.

  • Green Gem
  • Blue Gem
  • Red Gem
  • Gas Ball
  • Oil

Also there’s a unique Ice Cave Glowworm variant, Ice Glowworm Male. It’s Iceworm Male replacement. It spawns only at Ice cave/dungeon and has different stats and drop. It acts absolutely the same as Glowworm.

Ice Glowworm Male stats (Level 1)

  • HP - 700
  • Stamina - 400
  • Oxygen - 1500
  • Food - 100
  • Weight - 100
  • Damage - 50
  • Speed - ?
  • Torpor - 9500000 (nearly unknockoutable)

Ice Glowworm Male drop

  • Raw Meat
  • Raw Prime Meat
  • Deathworm Horn
  • Chitin
  • Keratin
  • Hide

Also they have a special loot, it can be different.

  • Blue Gem
  • Red Gem
  • Rare Mushroom
  • Rare Flower
  • Crystal
  • Obsidian

There’s also a boss, Ice Glowworm Queen. But about it - later.

Dino Stat Remakes
I don’t like how dino stats are in ARK now. Some of them are unrealistic, such as Thylacoleo that in reality was dog-sized and couldn’t even kill a ARK Dilo, or Raptor, that in reality was a ton-weight, 6 meter long beast that is more powerful than the polar bear or Carnotaurus (I am talking about Utahraptor). I am going to create also a realistic stats mod, but in Helheim will be ALSO some stats fixed, Rock Drakes for example. If anyone DON’T WANT these stat fixes, maybe I’ll make a separated Helheim without it. Also I will make these stats separated from Helheim, so you can use them on normal Aberration!

Rock Drake
While Rock Drake was described in dossier as “Reapers’ natural predator” and has “undeaniable power”, in ARk it isn’t. It is weak a bit, so it will be stronger. Because of low DPS it will have huge damage.

Original Drake stats:

  • HEALTH: 1950
  • STAMINA: 450
  • WEIGHT: 400
  • DAMAGE: 60

New Drake stats:

  • HEALTH: 3500
  • STAMINA: 800
  • WEIGHT: 475
  • DAMAGE: 215

Also drake will take only 20% damage from namelesses and even their queens and kings and deal x2,5 damage to them, so now it’s real Nameless/Reaper killer!

On this map spawns only Lava one (mutated and corrupted) and some Aberrant Rubble Golems in places where Lava Golem roams. Well, you can’t tame them, because there is no Rock Golems, so they are stronger than normal Rubble Golems…

Original Rubble Golem stats:

  • HEALTH: 4000
  • STAMINA: 300
  • WEIGHT: 660
  • DAMAGE: 75

New Rubble Golem stats:

  • HEALTH: 4000
  • STAMINA: 600
  • WEIGHT: 660
  • DAMAGE: 130

About Lava Golem, later, because it needs a lot of time to write about it.

For now it’s only stat fixes. Maybe later will be more.

Here’s about a new creature, Scanderaptor.
Scientific Name: Scanderaptor speleum
Spawns: Rock Biome (common), Cold Rock Biome (common), Cold Forest (uncommon), Fertile/Mushroom Biome (rare), Badlands (uncommon), Giant Mushroom Forest (rare)

Scanderaptor is a mutated Raptor, it usually lives in rocky places, such as Rock Biome and Badlands. It looks like a raptor, but with more feathers and more muscular jaws, making it look like a bit like Rock Drake. It has Raptor-like big sharp claws on back legs and large eyes to see in darkness. It also has glowing stripes, similar to Aberrant Raptor. It’s main ability is climbing - similar to Rock Drake and Megalania. Scanderaptor, like Iguanodon and Spinosaurus, can change it’s posture from biped to quadruoped, but it’s different - in biped posture it can run faster, but in quadruped it can climb. Also Scanderaptor have pack buff, like Allosaurus and Ravager. Scanderaptor is aggressive and will attack player if see it. It’s power is making it dangerous for players even on strong dinosaurs.
Scanderaptors are living in rocky, mountain-like places, Rock Biome and Badlands for example, and rarely in forests. They are very powerful and dangerous even for tamed creatures, but they have small Torpor and can be easily knocked out and be tamed. Scanderaptor taming isn’t hard, it is losing torpidity slowly, but need enough food to be tamed. Also one of Scanderaptor’s unique features is that it’s eating Spoiled Meat usually.
Food For Taming (List) For level 1

  • 5 Kibble (Tatzelwyrm Egg)
  • 6 Spoiled Meat
  • 8 Raw Mutton
  • 8 Cooked Mutton
  • 10 Raw Prime Meat
  • 11 Cooked Prime Meat
  • 18 Raw Meat
  • 21 Raw Prime Fish
  • 23 Cooked Meat
  • 27 Cooked Prime Fish
  • 30 Raw Fish
  • 34 Cooked Fish

Tamed Scanderaptor can be ridden with saddle, it is unlockable on level 28, crafting - 100 Hide, 10 Green Gem, 120 Fungal Wood, 140 Fiber. Scanderaptos can be used as battle creatures, for caving or hunting, also they are good for traveling because of their speed and climbing ability. They also can gather some resources.

Gathering List (0 is lowest, 5 is highest)

  • Pelt (5)
  • Hide (4.2)
  • Meat (4.1)
  • Chitin/Keratin (3.9)
  • Raw Fish (3.3)

Stats and drop is lower.

Stats of Scanderaptor (level 1)

  • HP - 410
  • Stamina - 600
  • Oxygen - 150
  • Food - 2050
  • Weight - 500
  • Damage - 46/34
  • Speed - 486 (walking), 1356 (sprinting on land)
  • Torpor - 250

Scanderaptor drop

  • Raw Meat
  • Raw Prime Meat
  • Hide

Scanderaptor has 2 attacks. First (left mouse button) - Bite, dealing 46 damage and has high DPS, second (right mouse button) - pounce, dealing 34 damage, grabbing creatures like Raptor, all that Raptor can grab, but some more (up to Parasaur in size). On “C” it’s changing it posture from biped normal mode to quadruped climbing mode.
Scanderaptor is a good battle creature, and it has 1 unique feature that makes it very useful. It deals x2 damage to mammals and taking only 0.5 from them, making Scanderaptor a perfect creature for hunting in biomes where mammals roam or protecting base from Ravagers. Scanderaptors can be breeded like other creatures, they are laying eggs.

I will write them later, because I don’t have enough time, and Scanderaptor can be used many ways.

Hi, I like the idea of Helheim. Very cool sounding. I can hear the music of that video game Senua’s Sacrifice: Hellbound in my head. If you haven’t played that game check it out. The main character travels to Helhiem. You might get some ideas to use on your map. Like the canyons of blood and bodies. So creepy wading through that! The game is fairly short and worth the playthrough to the end.

I made a Halloween mod for Ark so I do enjoy spooky stuff. Maybe you could add a foggy haunted forest with evil whispering as the ambient sound? I’m just thinking if you want it to be Helheim then there should be ghosts since its a place of the dead. How about a cave that is really an ancient tomb? Like a Skyrim Dungeon with Drugars.

One comment about the rock drake. I love my Rock Drake, one of my fav animals. But it’s not really weak against reapers. It is a top level rock drake for my server difficulty and it manages to easily kill reapers one on one. Granted I can get into trouble if I am surrounded by reapers. I’m thinking changing the drake damage from 60 to 215 would be too OP. Maybe 100 would be better. It might be boring if it’s too easy.

Anyway, cool idea. I hope you make the map.