Ark fooliage help!

How do you put down shells and bushes and stuff? I know how to make trees, but I don’t know how to put down shells or borken log peaces! Please Help!

Hey King,
Things like rocks, bushes, trees, logs, ect, ect, all use the foliage paint brush tool to be put into the world. Of course you could always manually drag the meshes into the world but lets be honest here who the heck wants to do that. In order to do this you select the foliage tool then you drag in the mesh you want to paint, setup all the settings the way you want them to be, and then paint! I hope this helps!

It worked, but it only has one foliage setting, but I want differant types?

Well if you want to have a bush, for example, give you a new item that you created you will need to duplicate A) A foliage setting B) A harvest Emitter and then you will need to go into those settings and mess with how you want them to work. If you just want to mess around with the foliage setting then dup a foliage setting and just mess around with the settings until you get what you want. If either of those things is not what you are looking for a little more info on what you are trying to accomplish would help out a lot.

Ok Thx:)!Hope it works

Hey king, If you check out my thread on how to make maps there is a section regarding foliage and the names of all of arks foliage :slight_smile: Might make it easier for you (Link in the description)