Ark flipbook - works PIE, not in game. Ideas?

So I’ve been messing with the Ark Flipbook node and have made a pretty cool looking kind of fuzzy static-y pulsing texture for the blades on the lightsabers for Stark Wars and it looks great in the editor but in game it doesn’t work at all. Anyone have any ideas as to why?
Here are some videos showing what I mean. Video 1 shows how the finished product should look. In video 2 I slowed down the “pulsing” to make it easier to see since I’m using fraps and it doesn’t show up as good as it should. Video 3 is in game using the slowed down rate and as you can see it does diddly.

Full speed how it should look
[video]UE4Editor 2016 03 07 12 12 06 26 - YouTube

Slowed down
[video]UE4Editor 2016 03 07 11 51 33 47 - YouTube

In game with slowed settings: as you can see, NADA!
[video]ShooterGame 2016 03 07 11 55 11 85 - YouTube

I’ll be honest, I don’t know if the flipbook is set up right or not since I can’t find any documentation on flipbook anywhere. All I know is it works PIE but it doesn’t work in game.
Anyone done anything with the flipbook yet?

I’ll see if I can get some more information on this!

Thanks that would be awesome! While we’re at it, there are a few things that seem to work great in the devkit but not in game. A good example is a lightning particle system I was originally trying to use for the “Lightning Sword” addition to Flaming Sword.

Here it is in editor:
[video]UE4Editor 2016 03 08 11 59 46 97 - YouTube

Here is in game:

As you can see it’s not there. However it is in a way. The light that is emitted from the particle system is there. Just not the lightning itself.

I did a flipbook animation on my holomap table but i didn’t use Arks flipbook i used UE4 flipbook because arks wasn’t setting the size of the frames correctly and because ive always used the UE4 flipbook but yeah only issue i had was the flipbook would never start from the start frame and yes it works in game all good might be the mats/textures your using unless there your own then disregard that.