Ark Farming Change


Currently, farming in Ark is more aimed towards players in a tribe and ignore solo players. I would like to balance it out and make it more convenient for everybody.

There are some dinos in the game like the Doedic and Beaver that will automatically farm for you when being hovered by or around their corresponding node. But, they only farm for HALF of their weight even though you’re holding it with a quetz or argy that has 3k + weight.

I would like to have the Anky, Doedic, Beaver, and Rollrat automatically farm for you when being hovered anywhere around nodes that they can currently farm. But, I want their weight restriction to only apply to what’s carrying them or to completely ignore their weight while being held.

Then, I would like for these new dinos to replace the spawns of the old dinos.

Thanks for reading if you’re interested you can always reply and I’ll give you my Discord.