Ark evolved Fatal error!

i just installed Ark evolved and at end my loading island on low memory… i had this message…

my system details

Windows 7 Professional


Model P5W DH Deluxe
Total amount of system memory 3,00 GB RAM
System type 64-bit operating system
Number of processor cores 2


Display adapter type NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GTS
Total available graphics memory 1919 MB
Dedicated graphics memory 640 MB
Dedicated system memory 0 MB
Shared system memory 1279 MB
Display adapter driver version
Primary monitor resolution 1600x1200
DirectX version DirectX 10

thx for any help

Hi Teeki,

We do not provide support for ARK here, unless it’s a modding specific bug. Your best bet for ARK support is on official ARK forums: