Ark event mod help

Hello, I please want someone to create an event mod.
The details are as follows:

Where different crates (10 crates ADMIN PLACED) spawn with random items in them (preferably weapons ammo and Armour), then locking it for that certain player for a certain time (ADMIN Adjustable).
A list of items that could be added to these crates (Preferably admin selectable even if I need to do it in the .ini file)

A general setting that will make an AREA PVP for a indicated time (ADMIN adjustable).

A random command Box/Block where the ADMIN can input an command and every time the box is pressed E on the command is performed (Example: when pressed the player(s) near the box (Blue circle around box or something, get’s the items))

A setting to make an structure/item/cannon/ballista PUBLIC for anybody to use but not to break. NB NB

With the Idea of creating an EVENT mod, things like dino waves with according ammo drops ect would also be cool (Not a new map, just a new mod).

Please consider this request as I’m sure it will make the future of ARK servers much more fun to have random PVP and PVE events.

Thank you for the read.