Ark Editor - Fatal Error

I just finished preparing to use the Ark Editor. I downloaded the Ark Dev Kit from steam, then registered with both UnrealEngine and Github, and finally downloaded and copied the Engine folder to the Ark Dev Kit folder as needed. Since my first attempt to launch I’ve been getting this same fatal error message:
"Fatal error:
[File:F:\UnrealEngine\Engine\Source\Runtime\ShaderCore\Private\ShaderCore.cpp][Line: 348]
Couldn’t load shader file ‘PS4/PS4Pragmas.usf’ "

I’m adding a screenshot below. Any ideas on how to fix it?

I personally haven’t come across this one yet, and have never seen “Couldn’t load shader file 'PS4/PS4Pragmas.usf”.

This is doubtful, but is it possible your AV flagged on UE4Editor-Core.dll and quarantined it? That could cause this potentially (doubtful, but possible).

My other question is what is your GPU/Ram situation like?


Problem Solved.

Solution: Originally one of the files was incorrect/corrupt. Using steam to “verify tool cache” did absolutely nothing after several attempts. I modified the file in question to force a cache check that would show a problem. It re-downloaded the file and the issue was fixed.

Awesome! Glad to hear the problem is fixed! Interesting that it somehow got corrupted. Are you on wifi by chance?

  • Sinari

I got this issue thrown up by not completely copying over all updated binaries (canceling half way through).

Simply re-validated, and copied over new binaries to fix it.