Ark Downloading & Installing Issues

Hello everyone,

I’m receiving a IS-BV01 (Download or Install is Corrupt) error when attempting to download Ark Dev Kit. What I’ve done to troubleshoot so far:

  • I’ve run Epic Games Launcher as Admin.
  • I’ve ensured I am not behind a proxy, and I’ve forwarded ports 80,443,5222 directly to my computer.
  • I’ve set the install path to an empty 1tb drive.
  • I’ve restarted my computer multiple times.
  • I’ve tried resuming the download 10-15 times as each time did seem a little shorter. (Though after a week of trying to resume, I’m not sure that it is even getting the correct files).
  • I’ve completely deleted and attempted to reinstall all Epic Games and ADK files related to this.

Has anyone had any experience with this issue before?

hi I also receved this error, do u has any idea to resolve this issue now?