ARK DEVS: PLEASE can we get more functions exposed on elevators!

I have dug and dug and dug through trying to find ways to activate the elevator through blueprinting and it just does not seem possible with the ADK.

I have gone through every method I know. Casting to and set is activated to true. I have to assume activate in this instance is not the same as elevate/de-elevate

If I could toggle actual elevate and de-elevate on my own so that I can blueprint solid logic into it, that would be awesome!

v226 DevKit will expose the Elevator’s Activate() function to Blueprint :wink:

It’ll also do two other neat things: Expose the TryMultiUse() function to Blueprint so that it can be called directly by any Blueprints (thus you wouldn’t even really need that Elevator Activate function exposed directly), and also in PIE it will draw the activation ID’s of all the activation options so that you can know what the numbers are to pass into the TryMultiUse() function – this will allow you to trigger any kind of use/activation through Blueprint directly.


you are my savior!!!

Thank you soooo soooooooooo much. Maybe by the time i get done with them ill pass the source off to you guys :wink:

Your elevators should totally take the music from mine. Just sayin.

Can we edit the direction an elevator moves?
is it the up vector?
is it on the platform or on the tracks?