ARK DevKit Crashes after copy "first files" to my Mod Folder

Hy Com,

i have a issue, anytime copy the “first files” from

"…/Mods/GenericMod/" to "…/Mods/MyMod/"

the ArkDevKit Crashes with Not Responding but the Task still shows working RAM and CPU.
It frezze for hrs and nothing hapend. Same happens if i try to “Play”.

My Specs:

  • i7 6700k
  • GTX 980ti (2x SLI)
  • 64GB 3000MhZ DDR4
  • System on 1TB SSD
  • DevKit is working on 2TB HDD
  • Windows 10

I tryed to start as Administrator, same issue.So i cant even start to create a Mod.

Hope 4 Help

Is this your first time using the Dev Kit? Does it say “Compiling Shaders” ? I swear there are like 20,000+ the first time you play. Can you open files without freezing? Click on “PrimalEarth” and search for “PrimalGameData.” Drag this file to /MyMod/ and hit “Create Child Here” - this is how you will start every mod. See if that much works.

The dev kit is massive. I’ve had it since August 2015 on an i5 6600k and GTX 980, and it takes forever to even open. I’m on the forums right now just waiting. I had it on an SSD and now it’s on a USB 3 external, same performance. It’ll take 10-30 minutes the first time, then 5 minutes after that. There’s no consistency for me.

thx, for your reply. Its my first time. I just startet the Kit and let it load over night. Its fixed itself now :). Belive it was the shaders you say - Now it works, little bit slow but it works.

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