ARK DevKit Bluprints - Can not view event graph

I am a noob, first off…

I run an ARK private server on an old Dell PowerEdge 2900.

I went through the first mod tutorial and decided that I would like to be able to take a object (base item blueprint-as parent) that is spawned on a character at game start, and have it display a message (like message of the day) when it is double-clicked or when it is selected in inventory, and the use item UI button is pressed. It seems simple, but I have no idea where to start?

An example: what event is fired when a player clicks the use item button on the inventory UI?

Where is this event handled; in what object?

I tried to examine some of the blueprints to get an idea, but it seems I can’t view a lot of the event graphs.

Is there any type of blueprint reference?

This is just a very simple thing I want to get an idea of how the UI works with objects in the player inventory.


I am also having this problem of Blueprints not giving access to the defaults settings or the event graph editor. The only thing that appears in the Blueprint editor is the mesh in the components tab .
Specifically the Primal Game data Blueprint that is supposed to be editable for a Core Game Mod . I have installed the latest update from GitHub the Editor works and I can access assets like mesh , animations and textures but I can not access any of the blueprints I want to copy and edit. I have followed all the steps . Coping what I want to edit into the MODs folder and scoured the forums and youtubes for a solution . What are we doing wrong . These settings should be exposed according to Wild Card and Epic I should be up and modding but I am not.
I am not a noob. I am a 3d artist and experienced game designer and I really want to enter this MOD comp.