ARK DEv Toolkit : Campfire heating radius/ Mateboosted bonnus etc


I looked a lot among the blueprints and even the IA files but couldn’t find the files that are used for heating radius of campfire and the likes or the mateboosted bonus.
I waned to make a bonnus a bit like the mateboosted/alpha pack so i need to find how it’s done in the game.

Anyone knows where i should look?

mated boosted bonus is on each character_bp of dino or maybe the other file for dino don’t remember exactly, you will have the damage given bonus / damage receive bonus and the ranged of the boost (default at 25m).

for the campfire i don’t know wait for other to reply :wink:

It is located in the “Campfire (Blueprint)” -insulation radius- 800

mate boosted is in components in the dino