Ark Dev Kit: Visibility tool Issue

Whenever i use the visibility tool on ark editor I get the error message: “Material Didn’t allow automatic settings of usage flag bUsedWithLandscape needed to render this component using Default Material instead” I have done nothing to edit this and even reinstalled the whole thing to try and get it to work Ive not been able to find any help online. Does anybody have an idea of how to Fix this?

Hiya there,
Im having the same issue… dont know if its a bug or something i need to do …
Sent a email to someone whos gets more than me to see if i get any help… if i do so, ill share with you ChickLordLT

If you’re getting no texture, and an error appear when trying to paint mesh holes with the visibility tool, select your landscape, and in the bottom right box where you can see the landscape material you should have another selection for ‘Landscape Hole Material’. This is the texture the dev kit will use when applying the visibility tool to a landscape, so make sure you have something selected for that. The mesh hole texture used for the island (which should be fine for use on any terrain) is ‘MI_NewIsland_Hole’