Ark Dev Kit - Very Sow Download Speed

Hi All,

Not sure if this area is correct for my question, or if this is strictly for development within the application.

I am attempting to download the dev kit through the Epic Launcher, but I am experiencing very slow download speeds.

I currently have a 200mb connection and I assumed this was down to my wireless, so I went downstairs with my PC and I have now connected to my router locally. I am now getting my max speeds but the dev kit download is still slow.

I tried the following article but this did not resolve the issue:

I then did a further test downstairs by starting to download BioShock Infinite, and I was getting 20MB/s+ at all times.

Does anyone know if there are any issues with this at the moment or if there is anything else I can attempt from my side?


I’m having the same issue - the download predominately stays at 0 B/s and then will briefly jump up to around 3-8 MB/s before dropping back to 0 again. There’s no way that this is on my end–Epic Games’ server (or wherever the download is originating) is causing this.