ARK Dev Kit v304.1 crashes ...

Ark Dev Kit v304.1 installed yesterday.
based on this tutorial []](]) I try to create my first mod.
But when I try to create landscape my editor crashes…
Material: MI_NewIsland
Section Size: 31x31 Quads
Section Per Component: 2x2 Sections

Pressing ‘create’ …
and editor shuting down.
in file: \Projects\ShooterGame\Saved\Logs\ShooterGame.Log last lines are:

Strange, ARKEditor is installed on drive H:/ !not F:/

Any sugestion ?

CPU: Intel i5-3330
Video: Nvidia Gforce GTX 960 4GB
free spce on drive H/ 211 GB from 931 GB

could you tell me where i can download Ark Dev Kit?

In EPIC Launcher program - named ARK Editor

Sorry, once again.

  • Checked discs - OK
  • updating Windows 7 64bit - ok
  • updating graphics driver fot nVidia GTX 960 - ok
  • reinstalled ARK Editor - OK

fist start and …
Full log: