ARK Dev Kit v287.0 Stuck On Compiling

So I just installed and updated the dev kit to the most current version. Whenever I right click on a blueprint the dev kit just locks up loads 8 shader compilers and maxes out my cpu. I let it go for about 20 min and nothing happened it just continued to keep my cpu maxed until I forced closed it. I’m not even trying to edit a bp that has anything to do with graphics or shaders so I don’t know why it would be activating a bunch of shader compilers. Anyone got any ideas?

Wait for the shaders to compile. Shaders are compiled on the CPU not GPU. The more threads your CPU can handle, the better the shader compilation times.

But why does it need to compile the shaders in order to open a simple blueprint? Isn’t there a way to bypass this or another way to open the BP to read it. I just need to examine the info in it.

When I put out 287.1 yesterday I also released a large chunk of DDC content as an optional download. It’s not just shaders that are being constructed, with the new binaries and changes to other blueprints it has to reconstruct all of the blueprint classes with everything they inherit from their parents before it can load them into memory.

That should move you past that problem a bit faster.