ARK Dev Kit v185.6 Tutorial Video Series, and Quick Note For Uploading Content to Steam

Hey all,

We’ve posted the ARK Dev Kit v185.6, so please update from Steam, as well download & install the latest Engine binaries from GitHub here:

Later tonight (or early in the morning) we’ll be posting two “Getting Started With ARK Mods” tutorial videos covering the basics of installing the ARK Dev Kit, and creating-cooking-uploading-playing a simple map as well as a simple mod. We hope they’re helpful, and going forward we plan to create more video tutorials, the next will be the basics of ARK’s TheIsland map functionality.

By the way, note that if you’re getting this error when uploading your Cooked mod to Steam:

Just delete this file “[Your Steam Library Path]\steamapps\common\ARKDevKit\ModTools\ModConfigs\YourModName.vdf” and try again. We’ll be doing a direct fix for that issue soon, but that’s the work-around for now.

Have fun and happy modding,

If I was in the middle of re-downloading the Dev Kit (trying as a fix) will that screw things up on steam (meaning do I need to start all over again)?

Address this issue please “see below discussion”

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Yep indeed it’s a current limitation of how UE4 handles non-native parent Components. What you CAN do to get around this in a Mod/Map, however, is Duplicate the Class in question, rather than create a Child of it (so for example create a Duplicate of Blueprint’/Game/PrimalEarth/Dinos/Raptor/Raptor_Character_BP.Raptor_Character_BP’ into your Mod, rather than a Child, and use that in your Mod/Map).

We’ll look into nativizing the CharacterStatusComponent reference (so that it can be modified in children), or providing a way to override the values of non-native parent Components, in the future however.


The Character BP is not the problem from what i have tested. You can use a child or duplicate and receive the same results (both will work in your MOD), its the CharacterStatusComponent child or duplicate that does not reference the duplicate dino, there should be an option in the BP for this or at least a way to remap it… (reference option inside Character BP/Character Status BP would be better).

I guess as of now we just wont be able to truly edit the values which alter health, exp, etc…

Please cover also uploading mods to dedicated servers :- )

Any word on updating UE editor with the dev kit to include “convert to static mesh” button?

Thanks! I was wondering why that kept happening. Now I know.

Can we get a link to that video og it is up :)?

This video series is going to be very helpful, looking forward to get my bipedal appendages through the door

Have the videos been released yet? Tried searching, didn’t find anything.

not what i have seen

I’ve done this, and I’m still stuck at "----]Verifying installation… "

What to do now?


Nevermind, it was uploading, it just wasn’t showing me that it had uploaded. So weird.