Ark Dev Kit upload logs off steam

Hey friends does anybody know the proper setup for the steam account and the Ark Dev Kit?

I went searching around to try and see if there were any posts on here, I probably just did a lousy job and missed it =p if I did just post a link and i’ll go there.

Anyway I’ll dive into the problem/question that I’m currently facing, every time I upload a change to the mod with the Dev Kit it’ll terminate my steam connection, and then I have to close steam and reopen it, or go offline then online, closing steam seems way quicker. This doesn’t seem like a very realistic situation, I’ve uploaded mods for Space Engineers and it never kicked me off steam, although modding for SE was uploaded through SE connected to your steam account.

I’ve done the steamCMD login <username> <password> <steamGuardID> in cmd prompt, so it’s linked the client to my account and will upload while steam guard is active, but it causes issues with booting me off steam to do an upload, is this a problem on my end? Is there a fix?

Any help of information on the matter would be greatly appreciated =]

Darn I get this as well. Exiting the steam process just to run it again so I can edit the description (which is a whole 'nother issue), doesn’t seem like a friendly solution every single update.

Hopefully someone knows the solution to this.

This is closely related to my issue…I think I am going to try again tomorrow, its late.
Good Luck!

That is completely normal. The reason this happens is because you are having to log into the account you own Ark with, meaning a private steam account. Therefore it detects you as logged in via SteamCMD when you upload, and then boots you off steam. This is I believe just a security precaution on Steams side of things. Basically 2 of the same internal IP connecting as well will do that in theory.


I feared as much.

Looks like upload > Exit steam (If already open) > (Re)open steam and log in is the quickest solution.

Thanks Sinari

Yea I was very aware with the why mechanically sadly.

If there was just a reconnect option with steam I wouldn’t even bring it up, but this is quite a pain to have to close and open the software.

Meh, life could always be worse is how I like to view it :stuck_out_tongue:

To stop your Steam upload from overwriting your mod description on Steam, you can edit \steamapps\common\ARKDevKit\ModTools\SteamVDF.template and delete the line that has description in it.


Thanks for that Jason