ARK Dev Kit size?

Hello everyone!

I am looking for downloading the ARK Dev Kit, but ran into a little problem. Steam says that the kit requires 55GB (or around), Epic Games Launcher says (in description) it requires 42GB while the download itself says that the kit requires 75GB of free disk space. I was wondering which one of these actually is true. I mean, my net is not downloading really fast (it takes literally a whole day to download 10GB), so I was wondering how much do I really need to download.

Only use the DevKit from the Epic Launcher.

The size to download is whatever it says it is currently up to, the space required - as with all software - is the size required to completely unpack all of the compressed files.

DevKit on this computer is sitting pretty at about 83GB’s but drive compression takes it back down to 73GB’s.


Thank you for the reply, sir!