ARK dev kit quits without uploading my mod

It’s all in the title.

I try to upload my file to steam, no joy.
upload started
Upload Job: Command Line: +login XXXXXXX XXXXXX+workshop_build_item"modPath.vdf"+quit

then it stops

When you say quits, do you mean that when it polls steamCMD it immediately terminates the program and closes, or that it fails to upload and quits from steamCMD?

Is your modname.vdf file in your Steam\steamapps\common\ArkDevKit\ModTools\ModConfigs\ folder? If so;
open steamCMD and use
login <username> <password>
workshop_build_item <path to file>modname.vdf

And see if it’s an error with your account, an error with the modname.vdf or the usual devkit steam upload issues.

Failed to load build config file

– Further investigation leads me to believe that devkit is failing.
After a bit of mussing around with the steamCMD, I got my update to take.

How did you get it to work? im getting the same failed to load config file

I have the same issue since yesterday. Uploading the mod/map will not finished, so the upload is incomplete and i don’t know why.

Okay never mind, seems working now.

hey im having the same error pop up what did you do? ive been trying for days