[Ark Dev Kit Question] Can I do the following without C++ programming? If so, how?

So, I have a couple straightforward questions regarding the Ark Dev Kit. I have done some tinkering in the dev kit, and am wondering if these mods/ideas could be implemented now, if not in the near future [yes, I’m talking to you Ark devs :)] :

  • Custom NPCs
  • Custom AI
  • Get date/time from internet, or Ark’s servers
  • Create a custom place-able object/actor
  • Play videos (possibly Youtube videos?) on a place-able Object (Example: Cube)
  • Custom Loading Screens
  • A radio like item, that could play certain songs (potentially custom songs)

A brief explanation of why I need the above items:
-I need the custom NPCs, AI for obvious reasons.
-I would like to utilize the date/time grabber from the internet (or Ark’s servers) for a custom holiday system on multiplayer/singleplayer that would include events, and more.
-I would love to create custom place-able structures/objects. I just don’t know how to. I’ve seen a mod on the workshop with custom gates thatg does what I would like to do.
-I would like to play a video on an object (yes, like a TV) just for fun.
-I would like to have custom loading screens for the holidays.
-I would like a radio item for fun as well.

I am making a mod, the details of which I would prefer to keep private at the moment. I would need these things to be able to be implemented in order to create the mod in mind, so any solutions or ideas are welcome! :slight_smile:

Yes, you would need to use C++/blueprinting for just about every one of the things mentioned above. To make custom place-able structures/objects you can do that through the devkit without any add-ons.

Yup, as Azrael stated you would need blueprinting for all of this. C++ from what I’ve heard is not going to be available to us for a while at the very least. But blueprinting is pretty much C++ in just visual form, so it’ll do just about anything you could do in normal UE4 C++.

This would be a Total Compatibility mod, so you will need to wait until the 13th when they release that update for the Dev Kit to do the majority of this I think

PS: This is a very ambitious mod project! I’m excited to see the end result :D, keep us posted