Ark Dev Kit Performance and Level Design Questions.... NEED HELP!

So I have worked with the Source Engine quite a bit, and have been playing Ark: Survival for a little while now. Mostly my brother and I play LAN, and absolutely love the game.
And we thought to start making some Maps for the game using the UE4. And come to find out, there was a Mod Dev Kit for the game. So I downloaded it with a smile on my face looking forward to using it.
Opened it up, began to create a landscape with so many performance problems. Anytime I increase brush size to a certain limit and beyond it freezes. Eventually it resumes normal processing, then I click again and same thing.
Also having just overall slow performance with shader loading, and various load issues.
It’s quite frustrating, and was wondering if anyone else has had this issue. I have yet to read anything on it. I do not have this problem in Unreal Editor Base*. And if there may’be a fix.

My System:

Windows 10
16 Gb DDR3 RAM
AMD FX-8350 8-Core Processor
Nvidia GTX780 SOC
ASUS Sabertooth 990fx R2 Motherboard
Liquid Cooled

Also I wanted to ask what is the preferred method in creating landscapes for Ark?
Using Heightmaps, or creating a new terrain?
And what would the component/resolution scale of The Island be? 8x8 by 126?
I am wanting to create a quite large map, possibly with islands and a mainland. Changing components and resolution can create cpu problems in ARK. (The Way it’s currently running)
So want a good size to go with in creating the landscape.

Thank you for any and all help!

Meh, shaders. They are slow as hell lol. Nothing to be done there. Your system is pretty close to my own personal dev machine.
Only real diff. is my 32GB RAM plus a 1080GTX (has 2, unreal only can use 1)

Pref. landscape creation? Thats up to you, hand design is fine, world machine is ok … personal pref.
Res of the map? I used to use 4k, for smaller maps. I would suggest 2k as your cap on res. Tile how you want.
Stay in the X Y coords of 1mil and -1mil for replication issues. After the 1mil mark (its actually just before 1.2 mil) replication takes a scary turn lol … and stops working.